Friday, December 03, 2004

Documentary Workshop

So, the documentary workshop has begun. The people teaching us are from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). They teach at various places and are independent documentary film makers. We are supposed to make a five to seven minute documentary by 10th December. It's crazy-the amount of work that goes into it. We are starting shooting tomorrow. Well, our team is making the film on the "ambiguity of the future"...we have some ideas in mind...the important thing is to treat them well. We will be shooting over the weekend and post production begins on Monday.I hope this comes out well. I have all my apprehensions about it.
I can't believe it, next saturday we have to leave for Kudremukh-for our covering deprivation trip and I have done no research on the place yet. Need to do a lot of homework before we set out to make a documentary on it. I am all excited about the trip and more so about my trip home...will return from Kudremukh on 19th and push off to Delhi on the 20th. Can't wait to get home. But before that there is also the dissertation discussion coming up. As if there isn't enough work in life already!!! Don't they love to ruin our holidays? I'll have to work out my topic over the vacation. In addition, there will also be that Art and Culture assignment to finish.Grrrrrrr....can't we holiday in peace or what? But I still wanna be homeeeeeeee....
Talking of home, it's mom dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary today. Wow! It's so wonderful to share a lifetime with the person you love. Well, I still don't understand the funda of arranged marriages-(I mean how can you marry someone you don't love?)-and what makes them click???? And ironically, why are they usually more successful than love marriages? Well well...I know the whole lot of scientific explanations given for it but I still CAN you marry someone you don't love? Beyond my understanding....and at times I have an intuition that fate might make me understand it by landing me up in the same situation(that's how it operates most of the time)-scary thought!
Ok, I need to go out for an early morning shoot for the documentary. Might as well catch some sleep. Ciao. Goodnight:)

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