Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Well, what to say?

Well, what to say early morning?
Had a looooong chat with Ruch last evening. It was real good fun. I was missing her a lot. She has forgotten her password and also the answer to her secret question and I found that REALLY funny. I laughed my head off! By the way, only 12 more days to go home!Yippppeeeeeee!
Well, we had our dissertation discussion yesterday-so I can't enjoy my holidays in peace(as I had suspected). I'll have to work out my topic and start my research over the vacation. What a pain man! Then there's that stupid Art and Culture assignment to do. Grrrrrr...I hate all this man.
Chatting with Milind at the moment-he's busy with his year end reports and is enjoying the Christmas decorations in New Zealand. Spoke to Ankur last evening-he has his practical exams going on. Then, what else?
I think I basically don't have much to say. I'm just passing time. I think I should go and do something more constructive! So, ciao for now!:)

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