Saturday, May 27, 2006


Just got tempted to post one more thing...
Please do NOT ever think of watching Ankahee under ANY circumstances! Every character in the movie is fighting for the award of "most irritating character" including the kid! Other than that, the less said, the better!
Yes, you're probably saying 'who in the world asked you to go for it?' Just that we live a stone's throw away from a multiplex so the other night we wanted to go and watch a late night show and Ankahee was the only show at that we just went for it! Anyhow, I strongly recommend you avoid the movie.

I'm alive and kicking...

Yes people I'm alive even though the blog has been dead for a while...
Just discovered that is no longer blocked in my office:)
That's not to say that I couldn't post from elsewhere...had just lost the inclination to write for a while and I'm not sure if it's totally back yet!
It was a nice feeling to see that people want me to update and that I guess is partly why I'm writing this particular post...just to say that no the blog isn't dead - not yet! But it makes me wonder what people find so interesting in this blog...I mean why would anyone be interested in my dull, drab life? And complete strangers too? But yes, it's a humbling feeling and I'm not complaining one bit :)

Been extremely busy with work but getting more satisfaction out of it now that my profile has changed...more fun and more meaning.
Apart from that, phew...there's so much that I haven't written on the blog! But I'll save that for another time...hope to write in more regularly now.