Monday, December 06, 2004

My new column...

I happened to send in an article to and as it turns out, I have a regular column there now. It's called "In Focus". The direct link is
Right now the website has not been updated and there is only one article on it. I have sent in a few others too. Let's see when they get published. I really wanted to write a short story for this competition that's on....but am just not able to find the time. It has to begin with-"It was impossible to take a walk that evening." I can think of things I'd like to write to make it into an interesting story but I just can't find the time to do it. The last date is 10th Dec which also happens to be the last date for our documentary, that's the scene.
The irritating thing is that Yahoo Messenger has disappeared from our college computers. Ok, we're not supposed to chat in college but obviously we all had downloaded messengers and almost all the machines had it. Suddenly, they've all disappeared. I think the faculty has been at work!
Now I'll have to download it all over again (sigh)!
I just remembered, I have given a camera roll for developing. I need to go and collect it. So ciao then.:)

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