Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What to do?

Sometimes, no matter WHAT you do, it isn't enough...
What do you do then????

Happy Feet :)

My feet are feeling good after a nice pedicure...finally managed to take out time for it :)

Travel time...

Hello blog,
I know I know I've been away for a looooooooooong here I am with an update! It's been a busy few months...and will be till november (as of now). Been travelling a little and it's fun. Saw some smallish towns and a feel of the real rural India...and some real people - their problems, their dreams, their joys, sorrows, aspirations. Most people that I came across were so down to earth, pleasant and helpful. It's funny how people in metros will have everything but humanity and how in villages it's the other way round. It's amazing how these people have never been to school and yet have more knowledge than 'educated' people! Their innovations are spellbinding! Was a wonderful learning experience...looking forward to more stuff but after a short break please!!!!! I'm just a wee bit tired of the jet-setting life I've had over the last 2 weeks :)

Met two talkative people in the train last night who insisted on drawing my cameraperson and me into their conversation. They overheard our talk of investments, PPF etc and then began a discussion ranging from investments to marketing to journalism to education to malls to infrastructure development in gurgaon, faridabad, noida etc to law and TTs fleecing people and more - all in the span of less than 2 hours!!! Turned out to be fun in the end :)

On another note, I'm not excited about Diwali this year for some reason. Just seems futile to dress up and sit around considering I don't burn crackers!

By the way, I have revived my Jazz classes that I'd left some 3 years ago....this time with Ashley Lobo and not Shiamak Davar. It's a good 2-hour sunday morning workout. Missed it last sunday due to travel :( Flatmates also missed it for different reasons so the 3 of us will look like morons this sunday - gaping while others dance! Those instructors have such amazingly flexi bodies...needless to say I'm envious. Everything looks simple when you look at them doing it - turns out to be a different ballgame altogether once you try doing it!!!!

Anyhow, more later...I have a few things to take care of right now...