Friday, May 27, 2005


Helllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooo Bloggie:):):):):)

It's a happy happy day:):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Ok, let me tell you all about my day. I went for the workout in the morning. It was good as usual. Then I was supposed to meet Ankur at Satyam Janakplace for 'Bunty aur Babli' at 11a.m. But when I was driving back from my aerobics class, he called to say that the first show begins at 11, which meant I had to reach earlier and so I rushed home, got ready, had breakfast and drove to district centre. Lost my way and reached half an hour late. Poor thing had to wait!!! Anyway, I did manage to reach before the movie. Then there was massive security checking at Satyam 'coz of the recent bomb blasts. Anyhow, we saw the movie and it was AWESOME...I loved it..died laughing!

Throughout the movie, my phone had been on 'discreet' and for some reason the vibrator didn't work so I didnt know I was getting calls. After the movie, I looked at the phone and saw 13 missed calls. At that moment, mom called and said that Broadcast News people were looking for me...they'd called up home also. So I called them up and they asked me to come and collect my offer letter. They also asked me to get a copy of my CV. So Ankur and I found a cyber cafe in district centre and took a printout of my CV. Then we drove to my to-be office and I got my offer letter. So, I'm employed w.e.f. August 1, 2005 at the output desk of a reputed channel. Cool huh?:) The package is the same as my CNBC Mumbai friends! So, basically I was quite excited about the whole thing. Told Ruchi and she did her networking and within 5 minutes, I got calls from Bhau and Toni!! Posted a message on the college yahoogroup and got calls, mails, messages!

Went for dinner to DSOI 'coz it was mom's buaji's 80th birthday. Had a good time talking to Saloni and Anuj bhaiya (and yummy cake). So, this is it for now. I have an extended vacation till 1st August but no more tension. Plan to workout and do stuff like painting and things that I might not be able to do once work begins! That's all for now bloggie. More later....ciao:)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Convo updates...

Well, long time no posts. Ummm...where do I begin? Ok, I managed to go to Chennai for the convocation. HT gave me two days off. I was there for less than a day....flew down on 3rd morning..reached around afternoon, attended the convocation in the evening and flew back early next morning. Emminent Pakistani journalist and editor-in-chief of The Friday Times & Daily Times, Najam Sethi was the chief guest. He delivered the convocation address on 'The Role of the News Media in Indo-Pak Conflict and Detente.'Got a copy of the address as well as the Convocation issue of 'THE WORD'.

Ram was of course student of the year (no surprise there)...also got the award for the best dissertation and stuff...too cool. I got the 'Dean's Prize for Outstanding Performance in Photojournalism'. There was a tie between Meenakshi and me.It was really good to meet everyone again and finally said goodbyes this time. Many people are in Delhi so it's good. Ram and I were on the same flight to Delhi and Piyu was on another flight but at the same time...met her on the Delhi and Chennai airports. Then, met Sam on the Delhi airport as he'd come to receive her.

Other than that, internship with Headlines Today carried on till 14th May. After that, I gave their written test. Papers are yet to be corrected and then they might call for an interview. Let's see...!!!