Friday, December 31, 2004

Disaster's absolutely unbelieveable. Who would have thought that a disaster of such magnitude could take place? I think it's the first time that half the world has heard the word 'tsunami'. Imagine going out for a morning walk or a sunday morning beach ritual and never coming back or worse still, coming back without your loved ones. I can only imagine myself sitting there-enjoying the waves and marvelling at the size of a big, huge wave approaching and the next moment being taken away with it. It sends shivers down my spine. The magnitude of the loss of lives (estimated at 1,50,000 world over) seems to be out of a fiction novel. The Indian Air Force base at Car Nicobar has been completely wiped out. First it was the base at Bhuj during the Gujarat earthquake and now Nicobar. I know that in time life will be back to normal in terms of infrastructure and loss of property but what about all the lives lost and the people who are left behind to cry? God help them deal with it.

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