Saturday, April 30, 2005

Random stuff...

Hello Bloggie..
Yeah yeah, I know I've been away...just got caught up with work and stuff. Ok, I don't feel like talking about work right now 'coz I've been posting all that stuff regularly on the college yahoogroup and I'm too lazy to repeat all of it again. The latest is that my name was announced on National television for the first time today! I've done the same stuff earlier as well but didn't credit for it - too long a story to tell...anyhow, did a story on the 30th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam war and the voice over girl (yes they have strange things here) signed off as "With Mridu Bhandari......blah blah...Headlines Today".
Other than that, I'm off to the convocation on 3rd...can't wait to attend it...good that I get another chance to say goodbye to people 'coz I couldn't meet all of them before leaving. I'll be back on the 4th. Might be working the night shift after that. Let's see! Okie, cya then - pray I meet Ruchi and Toni tomorrow. Our plans seem to be jinxed! Ciao.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Do I?

Do I tell you that I need you?
Or do I wait till you realise?
Do I ask you if you need me?
Or do I simply say Goodbye?
Am I crazy that I love you?
Am I mad I even try?
Do I hold back my tears or just let go and cry?
Can I find all the answers?
Is there any way at all?
Will you be by my side or am I left alone to fall?

The joys and blues of being home

It's simply great to be back home and in Delhi. I loooove the city. Well, I landed up on the 11th. Came with Shivi by do those people make you eat or what? We board the train at 6 a.m. and soon we get toffees followed by tea/coffee. Then comes breakfast accompanied by another cup of tea/coffee. Three hours later, we get soup with soup-sticks. Then lunch followed by ice-cream. Then a break of 2 hours and then snacks with juice. Another break of 3 hours and then 'Rassam' followed by dinner and then ice-cream again!Man, they kill you with food. The worst part is that they don't let you sleep. I mean, they shake you and wake you and make you eat! So, it's a paradise for those who like eating more than sleeping but for us sleep-deprived souls, it was a bit of a pain - except that it covers the distance in a much shorter span of time than Tamil Nadu Express or GT.
Anyhow, mom came to the station and Ruchi too. Sadly, Ruchi landed up on the New Delhi station while I got off at Nizamuddin...felt really bad for the child...poor thing...anyways, we met up at Khan market then and went home. Spent the day chatting away to glory.
I divide my day between the television, the telephone, the internet and meeting up with friends. Met up with Ankur today...he came home. Was good fun. We had a lot to catch up on.
I'm looking forward to starting off with internship day after tomorrow. There's too much time at my disposal - not used to this!
I'm loving being home but am missing college as well. I miss working late in the studio, the mdf, playing pacman in lab 2 (it's not so much fun to play it at home), working like mad, the idli-anna, vadas at Grand, our dog: Floppy, all the people...friends, teachers - especially Nishat was great. I can happily say that it was one of the best years of my life:)
Well, the college yahoo group has suddenly come alive....i open my mailbox and find 48 new mails!!!! Everyone seems to have a lot to say now that we've left - it's good to hear from all! Ok, that's all for now. Ciao.

Friday, April 08, 2005

An all-nighter

I was very upbeat and in the mood to work yesterday (I'm always in a mood to work but more so yesterday). So we spent all day (and night) doing our Investigative Project. Went home at 4:00 a.m. today. I actually wanted to put in another 2 hours and finish it off but Meenakshi wanted to go home. We'll just work a bit on the music in the evening and that's it. I think the film is looking pretty good. I've been running around getting my No Dues certificate done. Just have to return the locker keys now. Will do that in the evening so I don't have to carry the stuff around till then. I'll miss college. It's been great fun. I loved my course and college and everything about it - friends, teachers, non-teaching staff - just everyone. It's really been a great year. Hmmm...feeling a bit bad about leaving now...but very excited to return to Delhi as well. Guess I should work on my business assignment now. Catch you later bloggie. Ciao.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Road block

The Santhome High road has been blocked for 2 days now. It ain't fair. Apparently, some building had fallen somewhere in Santhome (that's what I heard) a result, we're not allowed to drive there. Well, it's been 2 days now and the rubble ought to have been removed. The diversion is a pain 'coz one has to drive through the Srinivaspuram slum that has a strong smell of fish all the time. Women of the fishing community sit on the pavement, selling their husbands' catch. Besides, the road is not too broad and everything from ONYX trucks to buses to cars and two-wheelers have to drive there.
The only plus point is that I get to drive close to the sea. I absolutely looooooooooove the sea. This is the only road so close to the sea. So, the view is great. But then, it's also a distraction 'coz I'm tempted to look at the waves while driving and it's not really safe to do that considering the breadth of the road and the number of vehicles on it. I only wish the stench of fish were missing! Anyhow, I hope the Santhome High road is cleared by today evening and I don't have to take the detour anymore. Ciao.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Railway officials: a PAIN!

Government officials...ok railway officials in particular - they get on my nerves!We're doing our investigative project on the beggar syndicate in Chennai. People from rehab centres told us to take a train ride from Beach station to Tambaram. So we went over to the Assistant PRO of railways..the guy is first of all pissed that our college comes every other week to do some or the other story(well...if railways are in the news, aren't we gonna cover it? Duh!). Anyhow, then he says that his boss is outta town so he cannot permit us. Now come on, the Chief PRO isn't required for these little things. This guy has signed letters for us before. After a lot of pleading (and abusing in the mind), he still doesn't relent and tells us to come the following day.
So Meenakshi lands up the next morning and some other arbit guy screams at her again 'coz ACJ is foever doing railway stories. The thing is that since there are three streams so i guess a number of people must be coming. The man yells his lungs out and asks her to call at 3p.m. and make some college authority talk to him. So, that's day 2 wasted! Anyways, we asked Nishat sir to call and obviously he had to give us permission after that 'coz Sir smartly took N.Ram and Shashikumar's names;) The PRO wouldn't wanna spoil relations now, would he?
So we land up yet again at the PRO's office and this time straight to the Chief PRO. He gives us permission - only for non peak hours and then asks us yet again, why so many people do railway stories...and we explain that each time the issue is different. Obviously, we didn't tell him that we want beggars on the train. Are u mad? He'd have thrown us outta his office. So he asks his PA to type out a letter and asks us to wait outside. I tell Meenakshi-"This guy was sweet, unlike his junior staff".
The painfully slow PA takes half an hour to just change the names and timings on a standard letter for this purpose. In doing so, he doesn't fail to tell us that the last time we came was on 7th March and that that time also Meenakshi had come (with Sam). Anyhow, he finishes the letter and goes inside the CPRO's office to get it signed. Comes out a minute later, minus the letter! We wonder - "why the hell could he not stand there and just get the letter back?"
We wait..and wait...and wait more. I take back the compliment about him being a sweet guy! He just had to sign the damn letter after all. After another half an hour, the CPRO calls him inside and sends the letter with him! Finally, we have permission! Quite a painful affair (to say the least). Guess the college should invite him over for the convocation or something so he's helpful with the next batch!
Anyhow,that's that.
I have dumped all my BBC stories on to a VHS to take home. Yet to dump the Kudremukh documentary. We got the highest marks in that. There were 8 films in all.
There's a debate on Global Warming in Monday's science class followed by a Pizza party as we're all leaving next week. I'll have to write a report on the debate. Then theres the Enron assignment that I have to do for the business elective. Other than that, I'm done with almost everything barring the IP of course. Just have to stick on the snaps of the last photojournalism assignment. It's on Ritchie Street. Am done with the other two on Mahabalipuram and the Trade Fair.
Spoke to Ankur last night and got April fooled. Then spoke to Bhau and apparently Toni April fooled her! So, I'm not the only one:)
Monday night there's a party at the Cricket Club. It's a farewell from the chairman. I hope I'm able to come back for the convocation. Highly unlikely though!:(
Guess that's about all for now. Will keep you posted bloggie.Ciao.