Monday, December 06, 2004

Documentary Updates...

It's Monday morning and I am experiencing the blues! It's like there was no weekend at all. We were out shooting all of saturday for the documentary film. Well, we decided to interview members of this very extended family-totally Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii types...the reason why we chose them was that there are people of all ages at their place right from a 6 year old to 80 year olds and characters of our film have to be related in some manner, so we decided to do only one family. So we spent the whole day shooting there. They were very very nice and cooperative people. Moreover, they had a very tastefully decorated we had a blast shooting there. But it took us the whole damn day-12 hours to be precise and I was dead by the end of it.
Then, yesterday we went to shoot this Tarot card reader and I thought she's some arbit small-time reader. Turned out that she writes the column for The Economic Times and also came on NDTV, Zoom channel etc. She is also a wonderful person. Had a good time talking to her. I wish to do a story on her alone someday. Ok, I have to mail Ruchi now so ciao:)

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