Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Chennai Blues...

Well well well...I don't believe it..the holiday is already over and I am back in Chennai. What a pain. I had such a ball of a time in Delhi. I didn't want to come back at all. The weather was so cool-not all that cold! I like the new house at Najafgarh. It's great except that I wish I could get a crane to move it to some place in south Delhi. I shopped lots and met up with Ruchi, Toni and Ankur. Couldn't meet Rish though:( New year's was ok...a little low key as compared to other years and understandably so. We spent the night at Kash aunty's place. I really hope 2005 will be a better year and a nightmare of this magnitude would never repeat itself. I visited the Marina beach yesterday. You can still see the signs of devastation. It's been 8 days and the sand is still damp. All the barricades are broken. The coastline has come closer and sand has been scooped out in many places. Marina, which is usually abuzz with activity-hawkers, friends, families...was quite the opposite yesterday. All you could hear were the sounds of the sea. I went there to record the sounds of the beach for a radio journalism assignment and returned with the sounds of the winds and the waves...nothing else. It was quite a depressing sight because I have seen Marina at other happier times and it's not at all like this. Anyhow, gotta get to my art and culture assignment now. Ciao!

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