Saturday, January 15, 2005


Well, so we managed the radio documentary. We managed to show them one finished product-the media coverage angle-the one for which I did the script and narration...and Rob loved my script!!! I was on cloud#9. He appreciated loads of stuff on it and know what the high point was? He didn't take out a single mistake! That's very very unlike Rob. He's very fair and straightforward about our work-says the positive and negative things on the face. So we were basically thrilled and me more so, 'coz I wrote the script and did the narration! I had an attachment with the feature. Will get it burnt on to a cd on monday. Rob has left for Chicago. We'll all miss him. It was a blast working for him. Nishat Sir got a 5kg cake for us after the radio programme. We had a small party. Rob and his wife- Lori, cut the cake. Oh ya, forgot to mention that I got an A+ - that's first class with distinction for my radio journalism course. I was thrilled till I discovered that most people had got that and it's really not that big a deal! Well, there's a covering deprivation test on monday and I am just about to go to Meenakshi's to do combined studies. We also start BBC training with Amanda Harper from monday which means that third term begins. I also have to submit that stupid art and culture assignment on monday-there's no escaping it. Another thing happening on monday is the start of my science elective followed by business and photojournalism through the week! Then there's work to be done on the this life or what? Anyhow, that's about it for now...I shall make a move to Meenakshi's place now. Goodnight. Ciao!

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