Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Can I gloat a bit?

Guess what? Our radio feature on the INPUT film screening has been adjudged the best! There were 5 teams and each had to create a five-minute radio feature on the film screening that took place in our college from 7th to 9th January.I was the narrator for our feature. Our story came out superb! Rob Quicke said that if he had to broadcast it, there isn't a thing that he'll change about it.He said my voice is crisp and clear!:) Please allow me to gloat a bit..can't help it right now! He also said,"I wouldn't be too happy right now if I were in your team"..when we asked, "Why?" he said- "'Coz my teacher would have very high expectations from me then!" Wow...that's flattering but scary too. I hope we live up to his expectations. He's gonna take our features to Chicago and broadcast them from his radio station. It's so cool. The radio workshop is awesome. I love it and I really respect Rob. He's an amazing teacher. Right now we're working on the tsunami feature. We are making a thirty minute radio documentary on the tsunami and it's aftermath. It's going to be submitted to a competition in the State of Illinois and we'll be competing against all American Universities. This will also be the first ever student produced Indian radio documentary! So, we're basically creating radio history here! Ok, I gotta go and work on the tsunami feature. Ciao.


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