Monday, January 17, 2005

Third term begins...

Wow! It's unbelievable. Only 3 more months for the course to finish. Time really does fly - even when you're away from home and longing to go back. Third term began today. We started the day with the science elective. The woman - Vijaya Swaminath is awesome. She's a scientist as well as a science writer. She's wonderfully organised and is simply brilliant. She expects a lot of work from us. We'll be giving in weekly assignments. Thankfully, she does not believe in exams. Am I glad or what? Ok, following the science class, we had the covering deprivation test which went off ok....nothing too good or bad about it. After that, we began our BBC training with Amanda Harper (or 'Harps' as she's called in BBC). I quite liked her actually. She's a perfectionist and I really like that 'coz I don't believe that there's any other way to do it! She has a decent sense of humour too. We were handed over our BBC goodies-a folder, keychain, bookmark, a pen and her visiting card. Today being the first class, it was more or less an introduction and 'getting to know one another' session. By the way, I have finally managed to hand in my Art and Culture assignment (applause)! I'm not really happy with what I wrote 'coz it was done under the pressure of juggling too many things. Next on agenda is - viewing the covering deprivation documentary footage and logging in shots. Apart from that, the next few weeks are going to be pretty relaxed because Harps doesn't usually teach beyond 5p.m. Believe me, that's a relief! I sent a long mail to Ruchi. She's moved out of the hostel 'coz of her internship in Gurgaon. Oh, the good news - Bhau has got a call from MDI-Gurgaon and Toni has got a call from IIFT-Delhi. Isn't that too cool? I hope both of them get through and then Ruch and I also work in Delhi! It'll be awesome to be back together again! It's my favourite dream at the moment!
Okie dokie..ciao then!

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