Thursday, April 07, 2005

Road block

The Santhome High road has been blocked for 2 days now. It ain't fair. Apparently, some building had fallen somewhere in Santhome (that's what I heard) a result, we're not allowed to drive there. Well, it's been 2 days now and the rubble ought to have been removed. The diversion is a pain 'coz one has to drive through the Srinivaspuram slum that has a strong smell of fish all the time. Women of the fishing community sit on the pavement, selling their husbands' catch. Besides, the road is not too broad and everything from ONYX trucks to buses to cars and two-wheelers have to drive there.
The only plus point is that I get to drive close to the sea. I absolutely looooooooooove the sea. This is the only road so close to the sea. So, the view is great. But then, it's also a distraction 'coz I'm tempted to look at the waves while driving and it's not really safe to do that considering the breadth of the road and the number of vehicles on it. I only wish the stench of fish were missing! Anyhow, I hope the Santhome High road is cleared by today evening and I don't have to take the detour anymore. Ciao.

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Neha said...

ur posts always give me a feeling of being close home....well as far as the stench is concerned....ur description reminded me of my experiences at Chennai Railway Station....but I guess its part and parcel of Chennai....but ur defintely right....I found really soothing sitting on the beach and watching the waves....though what I enjoy more is playing around in the waves....the vast expanse of blue gives me mixed feelings sometimes fear, sometimes tranquility and sometimes makes me realise my position with respect to the whole world...I think its really long for a comment.