Thursday, April 14, 2005

The joys and blues of being home

It's simply great to be back home and in Delhi. I loooove the city. Well, I landed up on the 11th. Came with Shivi by do those people make you eat or what? We board the train at 6 a.m. and soon we get toffees followed by tea/coffee. Then comes breakfast accompanied by another cup of tea/coffee. Three hours later, we get soup with soup-sticks. Then lunch followed by ice-cream. Then a break of 2 hours and then snacks with juice. Another break of 3 hours and then 'Rassam' followed by dinner and then ice-cream again!Man, they kill you with food. The worst part is that they don't let you sleep. I mean, they shake you and wake you and make you eat! So, it's a paradise for those who like eating more than sleeping but for us sleep-deprived souls, it was a bit of a pain - except that it covers the distance in a much shorter span of time than Tamil Nadu Express or GT.
Anyhow, mom came to the station and Ruchi too. Sadly, Ruchi landed up on the New Delhi station while I got off at Nizamuddin...felt really bad for the child...poor thing...anyways, we met up at Khan market then and went home. Spent the day chatting away to glory.
I divide my day between the television, the telephone, the internet and meeting up with friends. Met up with Ankur today...he came home. Was good fun. We had a lot to catch up on.
I'm looking forward to starting off with internship day after tomorrow. There's too much time at my disposal - not used to this!
I'm loving being home but am missing college as well. I miss working late in the studio, the mdf, playing pacman in lab 2 (it's not so much fun to play it at home), working like mad, the idli-anna, vadas at Grand, our dog: Floppy, all the people...friends, teachers - especially Nishat was great. I can happily say that it was one of the best years of my life:)
Well, the college yahoo group has suddenly come alive....i open my mailbox and find 48 new mails!!!! Everyone seems to have a lot to say now that we've left - it's good to hear from all! Ok, that's all for now. Ciao.

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