Friday, April 08, 2005

An all-nighter

I was very upbeat and in the mood to work yesterday (I'm always in a mood to work but more so yesterday). So we spent all day (and night) doing our Investigative Project. Went home at 4:00 a.m. today. I actually wanted to put in another 2 hours and finish it off but Meenakshi wanted to go home. We'll just work a bit on the music in the evening and that's it. I think the film is looking pretty good. I've been running around getting my No Dues certificate done. Just have to return the locker keys now. Will do that in the evening so I don't have to carry the stuff around till then. I'll miss college. It's been great fun. I loved my course and college and everything about it - friends, teachers, non-teaching staff - just everyone. It's really been a great year. Hmmm...feeling a bit bad about leaving now...but very excited to return to Delhi as well. Guess I should work on my business assignment now. Catch you later bloggie. Ciao.

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