Sunday, March 13, 2005

Work, work and more work...

Just about a month left for the course to end and needless to say that we are overburdened with work (not that we weren't throughout the year!). The dissertation deadline is approaching at the speed of light...21st March, which also happens to be the deadline for the special report. After that we'll have the investigative documentary to do. We have one week to film and edit the special report. We're doing ours on the money spinning activity of private tutors and the over-stressed kids! Went to shoot outside Vidya Mandir yesterday. It was so damn hot man. Interviewed a few parents, teachers etc. Am feeling overwhelmed by work at the moment. Have just completed about 2,500 words of my dissertation (the minimum is 5,000) so that leaves me about halfway...and a week's time is too less in my opinion..I think the labs should be open 24*7 now and I should be banned from playing Pacman and Jardinians! Ok, I think I should also be banned from blogging. Let's begin sunday morning - with the dissertation of course! Ciao.

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