Saturday, March 26, 2005

End of BBC...

The BBC course got over day before yesterday. Got our certificates or 'bits of paper' as Amanda calls them. She also wrote personal notes to all of us. Sweet of her to do that. I secured a 75% which is good (not great - just good). Piyu got the highest - 78%. We had a photo session in the studio after the last show.
Then last night, we had a party at Amanda's place. Had a nice time. After that we went to 'Sparks' thinking we'll dance but the place was quite dead. They were to have 'Hip hop Nite' from 11:30p.m. but that would mean waiting for an hour and in addition, there were cover charges for men. So then we decided to go to 'Bikes n barrels'. It was nice and lively there (unlike sparks) danced a lot...mostly good music too...danced till 12:15-12:30am...then it was shut down time...all pubs and discs in Chennai shut by then ever since the Stephanie case. All in all it was a fun evening.
Don't feel like it's holi today...probably only the second time when I'm not playing...otherwise I just looooooooove the festival. Let's hope next year is better. Ok, I should be finishing my article on supernovae now. Ciao.

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