Monday, March 21, 2005

Dissertation Done!!!!

:) :) :) :) :)
My dissertation is done! Wow! It's a wonderful feeling. I remember reading the college prospectus before joining ACJ and wondering -"If I get into this college, how the hell will I write a dissertation?"
But I enjoyed doing my's called -"The Bulletin Boom: The growth of television news channels in India". I had fun researching it and believe it or not I managed to write more than 6000 words on it (that seemed slightly impossible to me at the beginning!)
Anyhow, right now I'm overwhelmed by a sense of I'm chatting and blogging and doing all the forbidden things. This week we'll finish off with the BBC course and then we'll just have to work on the Investigative Project. Then there'll be that test in the Business elective and the global warming debate in the science elective and there's also that photojournalism assignment that's to be much for feeling jobless! Got a call from Ruby last night - a junior from hostel..asking me for tips to get into ACJ..HAHA! For some reason it really amused me:) The new prospectus is out and I like it better (not just for the fact that it has a lot of my snaps!) because the colour scheme is more appealing in my opinion. Ok, I wanna eat now..haven't eaten all morning 'coz of the dissertation. Ciao!

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