Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I've just been wondering...should one be in touch with things that have long been a part of life just because they've been there that long? I agree that it's tough to move on and give up stuff. But does that mean that you still carry on with stuff that's rapidly deteriorating and has few chances of survival? Do you wait for it to die or do you just give it an instant death? Or do you (yet again) give it that one last chance - hoping that it'll make it this time? Can you ever give up on trying to make things work? Can't make up my mind...

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Anonymous said...

How do u decide what's gonna continue living and whats' dying?
Those answers are beyond you. But what is under your power is to decide, which of the two events you wanna see.

Once, u've decided act in that direction. But u cant breathe life into the dead, nor can u kill somethin that cant die.

What oracle said to smith was " Do what ur here to do"