Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This Day That Year - 29th July 2007

Day 15

The drive from Katra to Delhi is on...I wake up after some 10 hours to see we're going to stop over at Ambala for lunch - at one of Sid's contacts' place. They're extremely warm and hospitable...we chat for an hour and they stuff us with poori, chhole, aaloo and what not! After the delicious meal we are all packed back into our innovas and are zooming away to Delhi again. Delhi arrives faster than we want it to. We sort out our luggage, shift cars according to residences in Delhi and are on the way to our respective homes. So we part with heavy hearts - it's the end of a trip we'll remember for life. Atleast I will. Memories are indeed the biggest treasure. Mom, dad are thrilled to have me back. I'm still getting accustomed to being back from a very different world. It can actually be disorienting. No one who hasn't been to Ladakh can understand what one feels there. So my advice: do go there atleast once in this lifetime. Otherwise you truly have missed something in life.

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