Friday, July 25, 2008

This Day That Year - 25th July 2007

Day 11

It's a lazy morning. After yesterday's yatra, we're all half dead. Bhaiya lets us sleep and relax till late. He burns CDs of the snaps we've taken so far - Parul & I are thrilled we have double the space in our cameras now! Next destination - Srinagar. Bhaiya has made arrangements for us to stay there. The drive is once again breathtaking. On the way we stop at Mata Kheerbhawani mandir & are given VIP darshan once again. The temple has a pond of water that's said to turn different colours - turns red or black in bad times like the tsunami or during earthquakes. We eat bowls of kheer and head to Srinagar. Hitting Srinagar at night is a bad idea. Even though the place is beautiful and the feeling out of the world, there's an uneasiness. You don't feel like trusting anyone here. We're stopped by the police more than once - looked at suspiciously & questioned why we are there but the PRESS sticker always helps. After being lost for about half an hour, we finally reach Badami Bagh cantonment and are comfortably settled for the night in Dagger Huts - royal treatment! The rooms are cosy and we're content. Today's raw deal - my travel agent wants me to come back sooner than planned because I have an interview with the Belgian embassy. We're considering my flights back to Delhi :( I'm depressed about it. I don't want to go back alone. I want to see Pahalgam with the rest of them! Let's see if Indrajit's magic works...!

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