Saturday, July 26, 2008

This Day That Year - 26th July 2007

Day 12

It's day 12 - we're off to sightsee Srinagar. First stop - Shankaracharya - no cameras allowed. Lots of stairs to climb - the Gods always like to sit on the top! Beautiful temple, more prasaad. I come back and see 8 missed calls on my phone. I call Indrajit & he tells me the magic has worked :) I'm thrilled! Next stop is Hazratbal mosque. We visit the mosque, not realising we're wearing huge orange teekas on our foreheads! We're feeling truly secular! The flight of the pigeons at Hazratbal is spectacular. Next we're lazing around in a shikara, doing cheesy photography at chaar chinaar. The weeds under water are mesmerizing! Lunch is Kashmiri food at Ahdoos - no words to describe it. You have to eat it to believe it! Alas, there's no time left for shopping! Then we're jet setting to Pahalgam. We love our innova by now - 4 of us huddling together on the backseat and Parul with her wisecracks on the front seat is a regular by now :) Pahalgam is a sweet, romantic little town - green and full of flowing water. Every inch of our luggage is scanned & x-rayed before we're allowed into the town - security check due to the Amarnath Yatra. There's a small scuffle with the BSF jawan and we're trying to control Sid & D and avoid a showdown! It's masala movie stuff :) Hotel Heevan (yes, the spellings are correct) is literally heaven - a cottage like thingie right by the flowing river. It's one of the most picturesque setups you could ask for. Soon we're ordering flasks and flasks of tea...and a sumptuous dinner follows. Tonight "sleeping" means lots of us huddling on a double bed! :)

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