Thursday, January 26, 2006

R-Day and more

Happy Republic Day:)
So, India completes 57 years as a republic. 57, that's a long time. No, this post is not meant to write on what we've achieved and what we've not. I was just wondering if republic day or even Independence day can ever bond Indians together half as well as an Indo-Pak cricket match can!
Anyhow, the channel looks great today:) We had some fab stories and programmes. I'm quite hooked on to it. The naitonal anthem sung by the top voices of the country was particularly touching. I stood up in my drawing room...somehow, I just cannot remain seated while the anthem is on and I'm glad I have my patriotism in place. The office is full of flags today...couple of them on each desk. I quite like it:)
On a completely different note, Ruch came over to my place last night. We had a nice dinner at Pizza Hut. While we were having dinner, Ankur called and said - "Hi, where are you?" I said, "Having dinner at Pizza Hut. Where are you?" And he says, "I'm at your place...came to say hi to Ruchi!!" Poor thing! Whenever he tries to give me a surprise, something like this happens...this is the second time he's come home without telling me and not found me there!!! Some timing we have, huh?
Anyhow, Ruch & I went home & called him & then all three of us went out for ice-cream - in our sector only. It was fun - walking in the chilly night with my two best friends, eating an ice-cream & chatting & laughing. One of the times that I'm going to cherish. It was like what Boman Irani said in Bluffmaster about remembering 30 happy days of your life - this is definitely one of them:)
Today morning, Ruch & I went to the Spice Mall & while walking back, we bumped into an old hostel friend. It was wonderful to meet her after such a long time. We just stood by the roadside, catching up on each other's lives. It was such a nice feeling. She's just the same...same funny, warm, talkative girl. We exchanged numbers & it turns out she lives in my sector only. We'll hopefully be in touch now.
Then Ruch and I had brunch at Mc D (so much for my gymming) & I dropped her off to an auto and both of us proceeded to our respective work places.

Other than that, I'm going for the Chronicles of Narnia with Ankur tomorrow morning. Will update you on the movie tomorrow.


acidrocks said...

Chronicles of Narnia..ah..thats the only novel i have read till now. I just cannot sit in one place and read a book. But somehow i got hooked up to that one. Reminds me of my school days..

Mridu said...

Did u like the book? I loved the movie:) Another book I guarantee u'll get hooked on to is Harry Potter...try it!