Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Flood Control

Tuesday was the day I decided – this is it! Today I’m definitely getting back to gymming, I want all this extra flab out before I have to shed these winter clothes. So I was high on motivation. Came back home from work, got into my gym gear and waited for the maid to finish cooking our dinner. Then drove to the gym, happily singing and humming. I had a good workout but I missed my last gym…I definitely liked that better. Anyhow, did my exercise and drove back home. I opened the house, was looking for the light switch and wondered what did I just step into? I switched on the light and discovered our home is flooded!!! Right from the kitchen to the drawing room, it was water water everywhere. The maid had left the fresh water tap on in the kitchen! Then began my second exercise regime of the day. Me in rolled up pyjamas, broom in hand, sweeping the water back from the drawing room to the kitchen. But before that, I had to lift the wet carpet and put it out in the balcony. Do you have any idea how heavy a wet carpet can be? I didn’t either – until yesterday. By the end of it, I was a tired soul (and body). The good part – I slept like a log on water!

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