Monday, October 03, 2005

A long weekend!

I had a 3-day weekend...good fun:)
On thursday afternoon we were told we could have the next 3 days off. So I just called up mom dad and asked them to take me home...seriously, there's no place like home. I went back after a week and felt so good:)
On friday, I just lazed around, watched tv, surfed the net and talked on the phone.

Then on saturday, I met up Toni and Ruchi for lunch and it was good fun. We met up in Subroto Park and Ruch and I took a walk before Toni reached and it felt like hostel days. Then we proceeded to Priya's for lunch...had chinese at YO dish was fine but Ruch wasn't too happy with hers...Toni was thrilled about the babycorn and the mushrooms! After that, we went to Lajpat thinking we'll shop at Sabhyata and it turned out that a sale was on there but sadly, none of us liked anything! We then proceeded to Westside and no, I did not buy anything this week! For the last 3 consecutive weeks, I have been shopping from Westside...don't you think they should give me a discount?? Anyhow, Ruchi bought a cute purple top and then Toni had to leave. That night we also had a party at Akash Mess - Jaggi uncle had invited us...the food was yummmmmmmmmm...Ruch was also invited so basically both of us chatted more! Shalu was also supposed to come but she wasn't feeling too well.
Then on sunday, we went for satsang and I just lazed around for the rest of the day. Today morning dad dropped me back and I'm in NOIDA for the rest of the week.
More later...


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