Thursday, October 27, 2005

Brilliant News

Here's some great news...our organisation now has an alliance with a certain well-reputed American organisation. Yes, I know you want to know the name but I don't think I should indulge in that! Anyhow, the good thing is that we get to share their resources and training systems and technology. We also get access to world-class footage of places where we normally can't keep correspondents. The best part about the deal is that they have no hand in our editorial or managerial policies! Rumours are that competitors were vying for the same deal. Apparently, the Americans are quite astounded by our facilities and the progress we've made over the last few weeks.
So, we were all pretty elated in office and had awesome black forest cake for celebration:)
The sad part is that we still don't get paid in dollars:( {Asking for too much, eh?}
Look forward to updating you more on this...after all, the journey has just begun.


Roshomon said...

we don't even get a break from what we are doing?
i had the same thoughts!!

acidrocks said...

But there are certain things which you guys dont realise. There are so many people who are envious of you. They want to be a part of this organisation. This is huge. Big thing for the Indian media and you are part of it. An " office" has such will have its own share of disadvantages which we cannot do away with. So go ahead and be proud of the whole thing. The thought of this merger makes me so pumped up i cant tell you.I feel that i should be a part of this organisation.