Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A trip down Bangalore Lanes...

I'd been waiting for this for years...ever since I left Bangalore in 1998, I wanted to go back. Finally got the chance to do so. I went there over diwali holidays. It was a totally fun trip. Met Dhanya after all these years. It felt wonderful to catch up on old times. Apart from her, I met Abhishek, Arunav, Vandana and Ruchi of course(coz I was staying with her!). The 2 days just flew past...didn't realise when I reached there and when I got back. Visiting Vishwa Vihar was also quite a nostalgic affair. Lots of memories attached to the place and the city as a whole. It was wonderful stepping into Army School again. I only wish it had been a working day 'coz I really wanted to meet my teachers. Maybe that's a sign that I'll go back someday-I'd like to think of it like that!! That's it for now. Ciao:)

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