Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My New Blog

Hello! So I have a blog now. Let me talk about my work(that's all that there is in life these days...and besides, I love it!).
Broadcast Journalism is a fun thing to do even though there's a lot of work involved in it. These days we produce a one and a half hour morning show called "GOOD MORNING CHENNAI". It's really exciting. We change roles everyday. I was the anchor yesterday and today. Good fun. I am the Production Assistant for tomorrow's show. So basically, my work starts when everyone else's finishes. I have to write down all the details of the programme-which story is recorded on which tape etc. It's quite a painful job and the Production Assistant is the last one to go home-somewhere close to midnight! On the positive side,I had all afternoon to myself...hence, the blog! Other than that, I have been playing games on the net:tetris,pac man and snake-all those games that I used to play in school:) It was fun.
Ok, better get to work now. Will update you on more at some point of time. Ciao:)

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I said...

"Broadcast Journalism" is no doubt a fascinating field. I guess will get more insight abt this field from your blog.

Well i was surfing net& was going thru some blogs and finally landed up here. cool blog..keep blogging.

Hope u wont mind...