Saturday, May 27, 2006


Just got tempted to post one more thing...
Please do NOT ever think of watching Ankahee under ANY circumstances! Every character in the movie is fighting for the award of "most irritating character" including the kid! Other than that, the less said, the better!
Yes, you're probably saying 'who in the world asked you to go for it?' Just that we live a stone's throw away from a multiplex so the other night we wanted to go and watch a late night show and Ankahee was the only show at that we just went for it! Anyhow, I strongly recommend you avoid the movie.

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the_new_cloud said...

bloghopped here...:-)
And that Ankahee thing made me write a comment..:-P.. Some jughead producers have loads of money to waste ... The dumb part is that some pour souls like us also wasted some part of our money to watch this pathetically created movie..