Monday, August 29, 2005

Bhai from Belgium

Bhai is back after his 45-day trip to Belgium. He was here for a day - on his way back to Pune. Yes yes, I got lotsa stuff. He got me a Sony Digicam, a swatch watch, key chains, junk jewellery, cell phone accessories, a top, a scarf and chocolates of course! So cute na?
Then he got mom her favourite perfume (Nina Ricci) & a swarovski pendant...and shirts and a jacket for dad, a watch for naani and an i-pod for himself....and yes tons of chocolates for tons of people!!! Cool, huh?
Naani, mamu etc. came to meet him yesterday and so did Bhalla uncle & family. We all just chilled out and had a good time:) Now bhai is back in Pune.


Anonymous said...

Loads and loads of stuff...By the way how many suitcases did bhai bring ...????

Mridu said...

And who may I know, is this??