Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Convo updates...

Well, long time no posts. Ummm...where do I begin? Ok, I managed to go to Chennai for the convocation. HT gave me two days off. I was there for less than a day....flew down on 3rd morning..reached around afternoon, attended the convocation in the evening and flew back early next morning. Emminent Pakistani journalist and editor-in-chief of The Friday Times & Daily Times, Najam Sethi was the chief guest. He delivered the convocation address on 'The Role of the News Media in Indo-Pak Conflict and Detente.'Got a copy of the address as well as the Convocation issue of 'THE WORD'.

Ram was of course student of the year (no surprise there)...also got the award for the best dissertation and stuff...too cool. I got the 'Dean's Prize for Outstanding Performance in Photojournalism'. There was a tie between Meenakshi and me.It was really good to meet everyone again and finally said goodbyes this time. Many people are in Delhi so it's good. Ram and I were on the same flight to Delhi and Piyu was on another flight but at the same time...met her on the Delhi and Chennai airports. Then, met Sam on the Delhi airport as he'd come to receive her.

Other than that, internship with Headlines Today carried on till 14th May. After that, I gave their written test. Papers are yet to be corrected and then they might call for an interview. Let's see...!!!

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