Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Happy Valentine's Day :)
The colour of the day is of course red... People say it's stupid to celebrate Valentine's Day...but I like it...just the way I like say Friendship Day, Mothers' Day or Fathers' Day! I used to do special things for mom dad on those days..I think it was nice...and I'll revive it this year. Haven't done anything for the last 2-3 years I think. Anyways, I like the works in I'm all for red and balloons and roses and chocolates - not only on Valentine's but on any day for that matter :) Now since both Neha and I don't have Valentines, we gifted each other red hearts that we can put in our penstands...I even thought we'll order flowers for each other but seemed like a waste considering the prices of flowers touch the sky on this day...Rs 50 for one stem of, thank you! We'd rather watch a movie, treat ourselves to a good dinner or shop!

I decided I want to wear something red to office...rummaged through my cupboard and decided - this summer my colour will be red - I need red clothes! Finally found a red and black Jaipuri dupatta (it's my favourite) and wore that with my jeans and white sweater...not a bad combo at all :)

Walked into office then and found bunches of red balloons everywhere...lots of people hated it but I didn't mind...sweet of HR to try and do something...and I loooooooooooooooove balloons anyway so I really can't complain ;)

The channel of course is playing love stories - some of them are quite amazing actually...people celebrating their golden what it's like to spend 50 years with someone! Hats off!
Somehow I don't think half of our generation can live with the same person for 50 years...don't think most people have the patience or willingness to compromise...our parents and grandparents were much more accommodating. I'd like to believe that in this case, I'm from their generation :)


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