Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What to do?

Sometimes, no matter WHAT you do, it isn't enough...
What do you do then????


Raj@ said...

It might be an assignment from your boss or it may be an extra effort to cheer up your forlorn friend. With any work official or personal, the bottomline is, "Is it enough for you?"
Get up, step out of whatever you were doing, ignore comments from others, empty your thoughts of any prejudice and just look at what you did.
If you are satisfied, it is a good job done, inspite of whatever others say! You can never make everyone happy all the time. So as long as you have put in your best in doing the right thing, pat your back and give yourself 3 cheers!! :)

Abhishek Nag said...

if you know for sure that what you did was the best you could, give up. the best feeling in life is when you do not care at all. and if you do care, even a little bit, then i guess you should try some more :-)

phoenix said...

i asked the same question at

yet to get an answer that i want.